Village Voice 07 2020: July

President's Letter:

Dear Neighbors –

I hope you are all having a great summer so far! It has been pretty quiet in our house but we have enjoyed visiting the playgrounds since they opened back up.

I don’t have a lot to write about these days since VRA events have been halted due to COVID-19. We are tentatively planning the Fall Picnic for mid-September but time will tell with whether or not we can go forward with it. Keep an eye on the weekly newsletters later this summer for more details.

Have a great 4th of July!   


Town Council:


I managed to break my ankle in two places last week, so I’m now living out the movie “Rear Window” while writing this update. I haven’t seen any shenanigans from staring out the window, but I’ll keep you updated if I see something suspicious and must call the police.

Speaking of the police, I’ve been appreciative of our how our new Chief has tackled the community and social concerns around policing and policies related to the Black Lives Matters movement. I had one constituent ask about the following policies that are best practices to ensure safety for both the public and the police:

1. Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds

2. Require De-escalation

3. Require Warning Before Shooting

4. Require Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting

5. Duty to Intervene

6. Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles

7. Require Use of Force Continuum

8. Require Comprehensive Reporting Each Time Force Is Used or Threatened

I thought his response was telling:

“Prior to the tragic death of George Floyd, I had already begun a review of all policies and orders of the Zionsville Police Department. 

I agree with the guidelines you listed. Those actions are already in place. However, I intend to make certain they are clear and understood by our officers. I am updating and expanding our Use of Force policy. 

I also intend to create a Use of Force Review Board to examine all incidents involving force, deployment of weapons, etc. 

I want our policies to be clear, available to the public, understood and followed by all officers.  I have no tolerance for any unnecessary or excessive use of force. 

Our officers are dedicated to the citizens and guests of Zionville. They place the needs of others ahead of their own daily. I am proud of them. I am also proud of citizens like you who understand contemporary challenges of policing and offer meaningful suggestions to help us.”

Instead of taking an attitude hoping the news cycle will move on, I appreciate his proactive approach towards this community concern and making Zionsville part of the solution.

Zionsville has always prided our self on being a community open to everyone. We want our visitors, shoppers and residents to know and expect that they will be treated equally regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or any other factor. I’m happy to see we are hiring leaders in our Town that further represent that position.