Village Voice 06 2020: June

The Village Voice

President's Letter:

Dear Neighbors –

As we move into summer, I am happy to see our members out enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. It is good to see the Village busy again.

Even though merchants are starting to open and there is an increase in Village activity, our VRA Lincoln Park Concert Series committee has made the decision to postpone the new concert series to the summer of 2021. It made more sense to delay the series since the pandemic has made large gatherings this summer uncertain. We look forward to moving forward with a concert series next summer.

Also of note for the VRA is that we will discontinue the use of our PO mailbox as of July 1, 2020. We previously received mail and membership dues through the PO mailbox but most activity is done online now. If you would like to submit dues by check outside of a meeting, please e-mail me or Phil Martini, our treasurer, at

Please stay well and enjoy the warm weather!


Town Council:

Here’s to the weather hopefully changing for good, and warmth returning.

I was very happy to spend an evening with my wife at Cobblestone Grill after it opened for dining service in the restaurant. I was impressed with their level of preparation and following the State guidelines for re-opening in terms of spacing, cleaning and PPE for employees. I’ve seen the same thing from our other local restaurants such as Sub 16, The Friendly Tavern and Rush on Main. In speaking with those owners, they have been so impressed and thankful for the community support while they could only offer carry-out services. It is so important that our local merchants receive that support and continue to provide a great commercial and tourist backbone for our community.

Speaking of the State guidelines, the Mayor and I have tried to keep our Town guidelines in sync with what the State recommends. The State has access to much more information and experts than us, and we have both felt it is important to be consistent. I know the various schedules and opening windows can be confusing, we didn’t want to add to the confusion by adding additional County and Town guidelines that might contradict State ones. We’ve also been fortunate to have Dr. Alex Choi on Town Council, who has been very helpful in providing guidance on the reopening of our own Town facilities.

Those Town facilities should most likely be open by the time you read this update. Town leadership has been receiving daily updates from the Fire Department and Chief VanGorder, who have taken the lead in providing situational reports on all manner of Town business. While almost all services have continued to be provided, having the physical space open is also something that is important. The golf course should be the first to have opened, with other facilities like the Nature Center and Town Hall to follow shortly thereafter.

We continue to have our meetings virtually as per the State approval. Those meetings are always broadcast on Zoom and YouTube, which will continue even as we get back to meeting in-person. In addition, the Mayor and I continue to host biweekly town update webinars online as well. This is an opportunity for Town residents to ask any question they like of either of us. Those meetings are every-other Tuesday. Archives of all the content can be found on the Town’s YouTube page:

I hope everyone is staying healthy.