Village Voice 10 2017: October

Letter from the President

Dear Neighbors, 

It is hard to believe fall is here! I am ready for the cooler weather! Thanks to all of those that helped to pass out flyers for the picnic, our grill masters Bret Brewer and Brad, and all of those that attended. We had a great turn out and the weather was beautiful! I have just a couple of things to share this month.

The VRA has purchased 85 trees from the Boy Scouts. The tradition is that residents in the Village will place the decorated tree in their yard for a festive Christmas season. The trees are being sold for $28 and can be picked up from Lions Park on November 18th. For delivery and to have your tree set up, the charge is $35. All profits benefit the VRA. 

The form for ordering a Christmas tree can be found here. Orders are due by Nov. 11th. We already have several orders in so be sure to reserve your tree today! 

If you would like to help deliver the Christmas trees please contact me, especially if you have a truck! 

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting in September. We discussed the future of the VRA. The 2018 board will consist of Gary Angstadt as secretary, Phil Martini as treasurer, and Bret Brewer as Vice President.

Lastly, the progressive dinner will be taking place in December. This is one of my favorite events, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! Only members of the VRA are invited to the progressive dinner. To become a member is easy! All you need to do is live in the Village and mail your contact information (name, address, phone and email optional), along with $15 per person or $20 per family to:

Village Residents' Association
P.O. Box 831
Zionsville IN 46077

Thanks for all of your support! 

Town Council Insights

Streets, Police, Fire departments will get boosts after Council wraps budget process

We are wrapping up the second budget process that I’ve been a part of since joining the Council.  Budgeting for government can be like how we do budgeting at my company; however, there are certainly nuances to it which take time to learn.

While not yet finalized, everyone on the Council has had time to review, meet and provide input into the budget to make sure your money is being spent wisely. The good news is that we have a very pragmatic Mayor and Council that looks for the best possible uses for these funds. The three biggest increases in the budget this year are for the Streets department and the Police and Fire departments.

The Streets department will be using their funds on more road improvements, as well as working on major projects including the re-building of Zionsville Road (2018) and the North/South connector that is on the West side of town (2019). In addition, you’ll see more re-paving projects around town, which I know can be an inconvenience but also are also necessary. Finally, there is money in this year's budget for a walking bridge along Zionsville Road to connect the Village with the properties to the South, as well as Creekside Corporate, which is a great improvement over the current pedestrian route.

The Police and Fire departments are receiving increases as a direct result of the Local Income Tax (LIT) that was passed at the County level last year. They are using funds to boost their workforce in a continued effort to make our community as safe as possible. This was the reason for the LIT, and is the only way this money can be spent, which is a good thing.

Once the budget is passed, those monies are locked into their corresponding accounts and can only be spent within them. The Council will occasionally move money around at the request of a department if they need to make a change. For example, if money needed to go from buying a police car now is needed for additional training, the Police Chief will make that request of the Council and must explain/defend his decision. Generally, they are very reasonable requests, but it ensures that money budgeted and approved by the Council is only spent on those items unless the change is also approved. Checks and balances at work!

What's Happening in Zionsville