Village Voice 01 2015: January

Letter from the President 

Hello neighbors,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and took advantage of all the village has to offer at this time
of year.

The VRA had a great Progressive Dinner last month and I encourage all to be a part next year. We are looking for 
host-houses for next year if anyone is interested in opening their home. As host, you simply provide your house for about an hour as one of the venue locations; the VRA volunteers take care of the food prep, food delivery and clean
up. It is a great way to show off your home and gives everyone a better sense of the varied architecture that is a key asset of the village (and that other communities try to artificially create). Plus it’s a great time to socialize and 
hang-out with a terrific group of folks. I want to thank this year’s home owners for allowing us to invade: Trisha and Steve Scott; Mike Heck and Peggy Stockdale; and Mark and Sally Zelonis. Thanks again to Kathy Scales-Brown for
all of her hard work in organizing, to Jill Ridge and Heather Lusk for helping the night of the event, and to all who provided the wonderful food!

Lastly, Erika Singler and Sara Martini are implementing a great idea to welcome those new to the village. Along those same lines, I wanted to challenge everyone with the resolution of introducing or re-introducing the VRA to at least 2 neighbors who may not be “new” to the village but are not current members of the VRA. Encourage them to join. It is only $20 per family and $15 per individual for an entire year of activities. I have found that many don’t know that we meet on a regular basis and get involved in so many activities. The VRA tries to have an effect on things that might affect the village.

Stay warm,

Scott Lusk
                                    Photo by: Monique Schnabel