Village Voice 09 2013: September


  • Saturdays 8-11am Farmers Market
  • September 6th (Friday) 6-10pm The Connie Haimbaugh Welcome Center Dedication
  • September 6th-8th (Friday-Sunday) Fall Festival 
  • September 7th (Saturday) 10:30am Fall Festival Parade
  • September 21st (Saturday) 6pm Annual VRA Old Fashioned Block Party Pitch-In Picnic on the Bricks on Main St.

Letter from the President

With so many annual celebrations in Zionsville in the summer like the Street Dance, Trader’s Point Horse Show, Z’Sparkle and the Fall Festival, the VRA likes to keep the momentum of fun going with the best event of them all—The Annual VRA Old Fashioned Block Party Pitch-In Picnic on the Bricks on Saturday, Sept 21st!  This is probably my favorite of all the events we do because we always get to meet some new people and see some people we haven’t seen in a while. It’s a very easy going and low-key night, with music, things for the kids to do, and some pretty stellar food.  There have been nearly 100 people for the last few years, and so make sure you put this on your calendar this year and bring your neighbors. Let’s make sure we break our own record. Even if you can only come for a bit, we would love to see you there—remember the whole Village is invited!
In October, not only will we get to meet Congresswoman Susan Brooks, but we will also be having our officer/VRA Board elections at our October meeting. While I think we have a pretty good slate of volunteers that have already committed to be part of the VRA Board for 2014, if you are interested in being part of this, we could use your time and talents—so please be in touch and we will find a place for you.
See you at the Picnic on the Bricks!!!

Village News and Events

Zionsville Fall Festival

This three day festival is the largest fundraiser for Lions Park. It begins on Friday night with the VIP Carnival for our special friends and their family and caregivers and the Poor Jack Carnival. The Lions Club Parade kicks of the festival on Saturday on Main Street. The festival is filled with local entertainment and performances, food, carnival rides, kids corner bounce houses and vendors that include arts & crafts, commercial, kids and pets. A community church service is Sunday morning.

Annual VRA Old Fashioned Block Party Pitch-In Picnic on the Bricks

Be sure to join all your neighbors and Village friends this year on  September 21st! Show up around 6pm with a dish to share (we'll bring the burgers, veggie burgers, dogs, and drinks!) for great company, plenty of savory and sweet selections, and activities for the kids- then stay late to enjoy live music and a bonfire on the bricks!


The Connie Haimbaugh Welcome Center

This past year the Indiana Arts Commission provided a consultancy to help organize a
Zionsville Cultural District dedicated to promoting the arts, history and culture of
Zionsville. Cynthia Young, executive director of the Sullivan Munce Cultural Center said,
“It has been proven in other communities that vibrant Arts and Cultural Districts drive
economic development and strengthen a community.”

Early discussions about the feasibility of such a district identified the lack of a designated
entity to “welcome” new residents and visitors to Zionsville while showcasing the depth
of art, history and culture found in our community. Thus, the concept of the Zionsville
Welcome Center became a viable part of the Zionsville Cultural District.

Board members of the Zionsville Cultural District recently became aware of a Zionsville
resident who exemplified the mission and core values of the ZCD; “promoting the arts,
culture, history and heritage of our community.” Constance “Connie” Haimbaugh, was a
passionate wife, mother, businesswoman, educator, accomplished artist and pianist, and
proud citizen of Zionsville until her death on December 3, 2012. She owned and
managed The Cedar Chest antique shop in the village for many years.

The Connie Haimbaugh Welcome Center will feature local artists in residence and offer
a serene space in the courtyard for aspiring artists and musicians. Visitors will be
greeted with warm Hoosier hospitality and enjoy a cup of coffee while planning their
excursion to Zionsville’s unique shops, galleries, museum, library and dining
establishments. Brochures, maps and information on Zionsville are already filling the
racks inside the Welcome Center.

Tentative hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday, 10:30am – 3:30pm; Saturday,
10am – 4pm. Hours will be expanded to meet the needs of special events and local
happenings taking place in our community.

The dedication of The Connie Haimbaugh Welcome Center located at 365 S. Main
Street will be Friday, September 6, 2013 from 6:00pm – 10:00pm. The public is cordially
invited. For more information or to volunteer at the welcome center call 317-344-9855 or

The Zionsville Cultural District’s core mission is to “Promote Zionsville’s diverse art,
culture, history, and community assets to residents, visitors and potential employers in
order to enhance interest in Zionsville, increase tourism, and stimulate economic

For additional information, contact:
Candace Ulmer 317-903-9828
Kathy Scales-Brown 317-989-5871

Call Out for GhostWalk!

Volunteer to be a tour guide, sentry or an actor! Call SullivanMunce Cultural Center
at 317-873-4900 to volunteer as tour guide of sentry.
Actor call-outs will be held Thursday, September 12, 6:30-8 pm and
Saturday, September 14 from 1 pm – 3 pm. 225 West Hawthorne Street, Zionsville

Garden Club News

by Delma Mindel

"The earth has received the embrace of the sun and we shall see the results of that love." ~~Hunkesni (Sitting Bull)

Greetings to all of you who find weeding and digging holes in dirt and gently plopping in tender green and growing things a curiously creative and satisfying endeavor! I'm pretty sure we are called "gardeners".

Some things to consider in the fall garden: Deadhead, cut 
back, or pull out flowers (especially annuals) that have ceased to bloom and are turning brown. Please take care that you are not pruning and removing the branches of perennials that will bear new flowers next year. For instance, don't prune rhododendron, check the web site for hydrangeas as to which variety can be cut back this fall. Some tender shrubs need a "blanket" around them to make it through the winter months, which you can do after the first frost. (Chicken wire filled with leaves or surrounded by burlap. Some catalogs like Gardener's Supply carry plant covers. Mulch dead leaves (that are disease free) and use as compost in your garden.

The ZVRA garden club met on Sunday, August 18th at the garden of Jean Apple. Various food items were devoured and we engaged in a tour of Jean's hardy efforts to re-make her garden. Jean explained what she hoped to have growing in the re-mulched areas by next year (inspiring this writer to cast a critical eye on some barren spots in our garden). Jean will accept plant divisions next spring, of the shade garden variety. In return, she will have seeds from her "love-in-a-mist" flowers to give. Jean was assisted in her garden creation by her son Nick and daughter Chris, and Master Gardener Kathleen Ross. And Jean's granddaughter's "fairy garden" creation was delightfully clever and fun.

Our meeting in September, the traditional "Last Rose of Summer" meeting, will be at the home of Janet and Mervyn Cohen, 520 W Cedar St., Wednesday, September 25th at 7pm. The Cohen's newly designed patio will be one spot to hang-out as well as seeing what is still in bloom in their English garden. Please let Janet and Mervyn know what food items you will contribute for the appetizers, and of course, that yes, you will be attending. 317-873-6586 or

Some of the discussion about the future of the garden club includes ideas such as actively recruiting friends and neighbors to open their gardens for our events, which means that you, dear neighbor, will be casting gardening eye on gardens you'd like to see up close and personal and then extending a personal invitation to that particular unknown gardener/neighbor. We also discussed inviting Katherine Ross to one of our garden events, particularly for those of us who might be in a quandary about gardens in general or perplexed by gardening details. Then all of us can capitalize on her advice on what to plant, where to plant and why. Please attend the annual planning meeting of the ZVRA garden club next winter where we will discuss any and all ideas about our whims and fancies concerning the garden club and our fondness for socializing with each other.

Farmers Market

by Patricia Scott

Summer's Last Harvest from the Market

The Zionsville Farmer's Market ends on September 28th and with it goes a vibrant Saturday morning community and a bounty of fresh and delicious produce, meats, eggs, flowers and other delectable fare. As much as I love Autumn, I will be sad to see the Market end. This Summer I purposely used, almost exclusively, market fresh produce in my recipes. A few times, I had to go to the regular grocery instead; I must admit that I could honestly tell a stark difference in color, flavor, texture and the overall outcome of the dishes I was preparing. Over the last two seasons, I have had the pleasure of interviewing several of the vendors who labor to bring us the freshest and the best of the season. I am struck by a common thread among these people: genuine passion, incredibly hard work and dedication to their farms and or their products.
Thank you to the Zionsville Farmer's Market and the bounty we have enjoyed week after week.

This recipe is a great combination of the last of the summer harvest. It is wonderful as a side dish when grilling out or to take to a covered dish meal.

Summer Vegetable Bowl

4 slices bacon
12 small white onions -- pearl or larger onions quartered
1 small green pepper
2 cups water
1 pound green beans -- cleaned
6 ears corn -- broken in thirds
2 Teaspoons sea salt
2 teaspoons sugar -- baked
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
6 small zucchini -- 1 inch chunks
2 large celery stalks
1 large tomato -- cut in wedges

In 6 quart dutch oven over medium heat, fry bacon until crisp; drain on paper towels.

To drippings add onions and green pepper; cook until golden brown.; add hot water and next five ingredients. Heat to boiling; reduce heat to low; cover; simmer 10 minutes.

Add zucchini and celery; cover and cook 8 to 10 minutes until all vegetables are tender.

With slotted spoon, arrange vegetables on large platter or in a large, shallow bowl; crumble bacon on top and arrange tomato wedges on top.

"Wonderful Summer BBQ Side Dish"

Village Voice Arts

By Sarah Zack
Zionsville Village Resident and Certified K-12 Art Teacher

Homemade Scratch Art Boards

Approximate Time: 

2 Sessions:

       60 minutes

       20 minutes

Materials Needed:

       White Tag Board  or Card Stock

       Crayons (bright colors)

       Black Tempera Paint

       Liquid Dish Soap


       Paint Brush

       Toothpick or Wooden Skewer



•       Color the entire paper with crayon, use bright colors (no black). Press the crayons down hard on the paper to make a solid layer of crayon. When it is done the paper should look waxy, no white should show. Do not create a nice picture/design, just scribble your heart out;  you will be painting over your paper completely.

•        Mix 1 tsp. of liquid dish soap to 1 cup of black tempera paint. You'll notice that the paint will be a little bubblier and a little shinier than normal during application.

•       Using a paint brush, paint over the crayon-covered side of the paper. Set aside a full day to allow time for drying.

•       Once the paint is dry use a toothpick/wooden skewer  to scratch away the black paint exposing the colors beneath the paint. Add patterns, such as wavy lines, or stripes, instead of scratching off large chunks of the black surface; otherwise there is little effect of the black surface in the work of art.

•       Have fun making your work of art come alive!



Art Elements and Principles:  Color, Patterns, Line, & Texture


Art Skills: This is an excellent project for building fine motor skills.